Cluster Design Standards

In addition to the the general cluster guidelines, Reston Association maintains cluster standards that are specific to Old Westbury.  Cluster standards are design specifications for certain exterior elements of the cluster architecture that define basic requirements or limitations.  The original standards for Old Westbury were submitted by the contractor who built the houses.  All changes to or deviations from the original standards that have been reviewed and approved by the RA Design Review Board (DRB) are recorded by RA staff in a notebook.

Old Westbury Cluster Association allows the original 1983 color palette and the 2020-approved additional James Hardieplank colors. We provide color images by the manufacturer where available. The following chart represents all available colors for siding, trim, door/storm doors, windows, and shutters.

James Hardie colors are part of the “Select Cedarmill Lap Siding” color line; images depict them on textured surfaces. We have approved some of those colors for other surfaces, so you have to imagine them on smooth surfaces where shown other than in the siding category.

The Martin Senour paint company is no longer in the residential paint business. We are working with Sherwin Williams to convert them to their paint line.

At the Sherwin Williams store in Herndon, you can reference the Old Westbury Cluster Association or account number 478585920 for a substantial discount (20-60% or more), which varies by paint line! They can mix the old Martin Senour and current James Hardie colors for you.



This color is an exception that was not added to the standard

Reston Design Guidelines

Life in Reston means living with standards.  Many documents exist to guide homeowners when making decisions about repairing, updating, or upgrading their homes.  Reston Association (RA) maintains Cluster Property Guidelines that contain specifications related to property elements that are standard throughout Reston.  For example, regulations that guide where fences can be placed on a property is part of a Cluster Property Guideline.