Homes Database

The 58 beautiful homes of the Old Westbury represent a lot of loving care and attention from our community of families and homeowners.

We field many questions every year about exterior home paint colors. Responding to these questions takes time, and often they are time-sensitive. To meet the need and allow homeowners to self-serve, the Board has developed a database of all homes and their color schemes. Pick your street using the tool below and click on your home. From there, you will learn about your home’s siding, trim, and door colors on file with the Cluster Association and the Reston Association.

Beginning 3/14/2023, we are entering a beta test period of this database. It contains information from two different data sets. We need the assistance of each homeowner to validate and correct the data we have on file. Please refer to the instructions in the general email from Morris Kaplowitz on how to help us get this day-zero data 100 percent correct. Once scrubbed, this will become a valuable tool for everyone! Thank you!