Bates uses a “single-stream” recycling system, which means all recyclable materials are mixed into a single container for collection and processing. After collection, recyclable materials are transported for processing to LFF Inc., Bates recycling center in Sterling, VA.  The following items can be included in curbside pick-up:

Paper and Cardboard Boxes
(includes office paper, magazines, phone books, newspapers, various colored papers, packing paper, folders without binding, and other mixed papers. Boxes do not have to be broken down, but they must be free of trash and food, like slices of pizza.)

Cans: aluminum and bi-metal (tin)

Plastics: Below is a basic list of the types of recyclable plastics and examples of their common uses.

  1. PET: bottles for soft drinks, water, juice, mouthwash, salad dressing. Food jars. Microwaveable food containers.
  2. HDPE: Bottles for milk, water, juice, cosmetics, shampoo, household cleaners.
  3. PVC: Rigid packaging including blister packs and clamshells. Flexible packaging includes bags for bedding, shrink wrap
  4. LDPE: Bags for dry cleaning, newspapers, bread, fresh produce. Shrink wrap and squeezable bottles.
  5. PP: Containers for yogurt, margarine, and takeout meals. Medicine bottles.
  6. PS: Plastic food service items such as plates, cups, cutlery, meat and poultry trays. Protective foam packaging for furniture and electronics. Packaging peanuts.
  7. Other: Three- and five-gallon reusable water bottles, some citrus juice containers and catsup bottles.


  • Paper towels, napkins, tissues
  • Bound books or reports
  • Beverage glasses or tempered glass (i.e. window glass)
  • Cellophane, shrik wrap, or packing materials (i.e. styrofoam, peanuts,and bubble wrap)
  • Any containers that held hazardous materials (i.e. motor oil, paints, thinners, or household chemicals)