Trash and Bulk Items

Our awesome disposal service is provided by Bates Trucking & Trash Removal.  The collection schedule is:

  • MONDAY – regular trash
  • WEDNESDAY – recycling and yard waste
  • THURSDAY – regular trash and bulk items

Details about what is collected are below.

Trash and Bulk Items

Trash is picked up twice weekly on Monday and Thursday. To discourage wild animals (yes, we do have them) from visiting our yards and common areas, residents are urged to put trash out for collection in closed receptacles.

Household Power Tools – Bates will pick up most household electric and gasoline power tools, such as lawn mowers, edge trimmers, chain saws and power washers. Note that gasoline-powered tools must be completely drained of fuel and oil to be accepted for collection.

CRT-equipped TV Sets – Bates has informed the cluster that they will pick up CRT-equipped TV sets of any reasonable size. Call CSI at 703.444.3181 if you have an especially large TV, such as a console model in a cabinet to be sure that they will pick it up.